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Well Drilling

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Proper well drilling is a significant investment and an important decision. That’s why, at United Well and Pump Services, we provide top-tier well drilling services custom designed for you property. Whether you need a well for residential, commercial, or agricultural use, our expert team is equipped to provide high-quality well drilling solutions.

Our Well Drilling Services

Our experienced team of drillers uses the latest drilling technologies to ensure the job is done right. From the initial consultation and site assessment to drilling and installation, we manage everything. Our team keeps you informed every step of the way. Our well drilling services include:

We carry out a comprehensive assessment of the proposed drilling site, considering factors such as water table, soil type, and terrain.

Based on the site assessment, we design the well. Taking into account the depth, diameter, and casing materials to ensure optimal water yield and quality.

Our team drills the well, then installs the casing, and finally seals it properly to protect the well and water supply from potential contaminants.

The Well Drilling Process Explained

Once the basics are complete, our team will arrive at your site equipped with advanced drilling tools. Our drill bits cut into the earth, flushing the cuttings upwards out of the drill hole, effectively clearing the path for the well.

We then line the well hole with a casing, commonly crafted from steel or sturdy plastic pipe. This casing prevents any collapse and safeguards your well water from potential contamination. If required, we install a well screen at the bottom of the casing. Well screens keep out sand and gravel while allowing water to flow freely. Finally, we add grout to fill the space between the sides of the drill hole and casing, further fortifying the well against contamination.

The Post-Drilling Phase

After the well drilling is complete, we install a water pump to draw water into your property’s water system. We conduct a comprehensive pump test to establish flow rates, perform a drawdown test, and clear the water. We then disinfect the well thoroughly, ensuring it is bacteria-free. In some cases, a detailed water analysis is carried out. Once all these steps are complete, your water pump/system is primed for installation.

Why Choose United Well and Pump Services for Well Drilling?

Hiring professional well drilling services is the key to a dependable water supply. This complex process necessitates deep expertise in geological surveying and construction specificsl. Our drillers are seasoned professionals, apt to handle the complexities of well drilling.

With their wealth of knowledge and experience, our drillers ensure the safety and stability of your well. They provide precise cost estimates, ensuring transparency and no unexpected added costs. Our estimates typically encompass the drilling process, pump installation, plumbing connections, and heating systems, if needed.

Moreover, our well drilling professionals can guide you through legal and environmental considerations, helping you secure the required permits and meet any legal requirements. We are also proactive about minimizing the environmental impact of well drilling.


Get Your Well Drilled by the Experts

Selecting the right drilling contractors is essential for your well drilling project. Our licensed contractors have earned their reputation thanks to a wide range of comprehensive drilling services. We handle everything from pump installation to pressure tank maintenance, ensuring your well serves you reliably for years.

Well drilling is not just about making a hole in the ground. It’s about guaranteeing the safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility of your well. With United Well and Pump Services, you’re investing in a service that guarantees you a reliable water supply for years to come.

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