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Hydraulic Fracturing

Boost Your Well's Productivity with Hydraulic Fracking Services

United Well and Pump Services is your trusted partner for hydraulic fracking services. This is a highly efficient method of improving your well’s production capabilities. Originally developed in oil fields to enhance oil production, hydraulic fracking has been expertly modified to meet domestic water well needs.

Understanding Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing involves injecting water under extreme pressure into the well. This process begins by inserting an inflatable “packer” – akin to a giant balloon – into the well. Water is then forced into the cavity of the well under extreme pressure, cleaning the fractures and allowing the surrounding water to flow freely into the well. This high success-rate technique can transform a nearly dry well into an efficient one.Our hydraulic fracking process is thorough, effective, and designed to cause minimal disturbance to your property:

Our team first performs a comprehensive assessment of your well to determine if fracking is the right solution. We consider factors such as well depth, existing yield, geological conditions, and more.

If hydraulic fracking is suitable, we prep your well and set up the necessary equipment. This includes isolating the targeted area of the well to focus the pressure.

We inject water at high pressure into the well to create and expand fractures in the rock formation. This process allows for an increased flow of water into your well.

After the hydraulic fracturing process, we remove any debris from the well. Then we onduct a thorough testing and evaluation to ensure the water yield has increased as expected.

Why Choose United Well and Pump Services for Hydraulic Fracking?

Experienced Professionals

Our team is trained and skilled in the hydraulic fracking process, ensuring a safe and highly effective service.

Tailored Approach

We select the right hydraulic fracking method based on your well's unique circumstances and needs, ensuring the best possible results.

High Success Rate

We pride ourselves on our high success rate in transforming nearly dry wells into usable ones using hydraulic fracking.

Comprehensive Service

From the initial assessment through to post-fracking cleanup and testing, we provide a full-service solution to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Hydraulic Fracking Process

Hydraulic fracking can be performed using two methods: the single packer set and the straddle packer, or “Zone,” setup.

Single Packer Set: This common method is used when a minimal improvement is needed. A packer is lowered to a predetermined depth (usually 20 feet below the casing or a minimum of 60 feet below the surface, whichever is deeper), and water is injected into the well at a high volume and pressure. This method effectively removes obstructions and opens up the water-producing fractures, leading to an increased overall yield.

Straddle Packer Setup or Zone Fracking: When a maximum yield is needed, we utilize the “Zone” or straddle fracking technique. Two packers are lowered into the well to isolate a specific “zone” to be fracked. After freeing the zone of obstructions, the process is repeated at even intervals until the entire well has been fracked. By focusing the injection where it is most needed, zone-fracturing ensures optimum yield.

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